Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's ON!!!

Rummikub that is!...well we started a fierce compition or on going game with our great friends Daniel and Brittney...we decided to play by the rules as stated in the ones that come with the game and not the ones as per the Delaneys...(for some reason for as long as I can remember my family has played by a different set of rules i.e. anyone heard of adding a 1 after the 13...I have and it's brillant!...anyway!) And so it began with the boys taking the first three games and rubbing it in our faces - that is until they decided we should play one more game to let the girls have a chance at winning!...Hmmm too bad for them because we cleaned up...well actually Brittney did!...Adam hadn't even laid down yet and Daniel had most of his tiles still...luckily I had been able to get rid of most of mine before she went out and as of now Brittney is in the lead by a long shot...But that is the beauty of the game because it can change at any moment!...This will likely be a monthy match so if you are not familar with the rules and want to see the current standings you can check out the on-going battle @! Stay tuned because this battle is far from over...

Adam's Birthday!!!

Adam turned 26 on Feburary 11th and decided to have somewhat of a low key celebration. Since his birthday fell on a Monday this year and he's busy with law school we went out on Saturday to dinner at Kona Grill with Natalie and our friends Daniel, Brittney and baby Kate! It was a great time with great food...and Adam said it was a great birthday!...I love you, Babe!


OK so Adam and I never had gotten into Lost because we both thought it looked dumb and we weren't that intereseted in it...that is until the wonderful writers' strike!...We found ourselves with nothing to watch (oh no!) and then the season premier of Lost happened. We both came home one day and were like everybody is talking about how great this show is maybe we should just rent it since nothing else is on...We rented the 1st season on a Friday and had 1 episode to go by Monday...CRAZY! Well naturally when we finished we couldn't stop there so of cousre we rented the 2nd season...which we finished by that Thurs or Fri...And then came the 3rd season and all that it was to now being finally caught up to the 4th and current season as it stands. We are hooked as you can imagine and recommend that all who haven't seen this show rent it now. Just spread it out a little or you may start have dreams in "Lost"...can't wait to find out what this thing is actually all about!