Friday, April 25, 2008

DCFC Concert + Other Stuff

WE just went and saw the Death Cab for Cutie (they are an indie rock band) concert tonight and it was amazing! It was definitely the 2nd best concert I have ever been to (U2 is my favorite band of all-time and thus my favorite concert). They played at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. The set list was awesome and their performance and energy were great! We went with Daniel and Brittney and had a great time. Good concerts always lift my spirits for some time afterward which is good because finals are coming up soon. Also, I advanced to the next round of the moot court competition at my school. Moot court is basically pretend court. And in the next round, I have to argue for the opposite side of what I argued the first time. So I have to prepare for that and prepare for finals at the same time - and law school finals are incredibly difficult and I get nervous diarrhea just thinking about them (I know, that's not the nicest image, but A) I didn't ask you to imagine it; and B) I wanted to put the nervousness into perspective) Thanks, bye.