Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok so we're almost caught up...September was the month when they FINALLY started our house!...I guess with all the foreclosure craziness it takes a bit longer to dot the i's and cross the t's which is fine by me!...It's been so exciting to watch the stages...they really have been working fast! With-in 4 weeks they've layed the foundation, put up the framing and windows and are about set to lay the roofing!...I can't wait for it to be done I'm soo excited we are really blessed to be able to buy a home...thanks to the help and support of our families. It can for sure be intimidating to buy a house with no previous experience on the subject...luckily I'm kind of a research freak so I feel like we've got a good handle on the far! Our house should be ready about mid Dec/mid Jan they say, so here are some pics of what's been happening so far! Oh and my grandma Mickey turned 80 in September! we went down to California to celebrate and we got to spend some much needed time with our friends Troy and Tiff and their baby Makayla!..the whole family minus a few were there and everyone had an awesome time on the boat...Happy Birthday Grams!...I love you! So there you have it...our lives from April until now in a nutshell...hopefully we will be better at this...I have a feeling we will be because we definately have alot to be greatful for and what better way to document the things in life than by writing it all down as it happens!

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Jan said...

Michelle I am so happy for you guys getting a new house! How fun! But waaaah on having to leave our ward.... bummer!

Anonymous said...

I second Jan!! I'm sad we only get a couple more months with you :(

Millie said...

um im so excited you updated your blog and that you guys are moving into your very own house!!!