Monday, October 20, 2008


So our summer was slated to be pretty low key with not much going on but ended up being a whirlwind of unexpected trips and lots of fun! After our fun Cabo trip we divided and conquered with who Adam headed out on a father and sons trip to Yosemite which was in jeopardy because of the fires that were going on around that time...luckily they were far from danger and able to have an awesome time...Shortly after that I headed out to the Poconos to watch my brother take the lead in Carousal the musical...he was awesome!...I finally got to expeience a true "Philly" cheesesteak and it was amazing...I had 3 in 3 days from 3 of the most famous cheesesteak places in Philly...needless to say after I cam home with one in hand for Adam I was off cheesesteaks for a while. I did manage to catch the Liberty Bell and Indepenence Hall (I thing that's what its called) so it was educational as well as appetizing!

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