Monday, January 7, 2008


Christmas was awesome this year like every other year...there's just something about this time of year that makes us so happy! We were able to go to Burbank this year and spend Christmas with the Delaney family and spend some quality time with our great friends Troy & Tiff and baby Makayla! All of our Christmas wishes came true including an awesome Canon Rebel xti that Michelle had been wanting for quite some time to hone her skills as a photography enthusiast...hope all your dreams and wishes came true too...

P.S. The only unfortunate bummer of the trip was on the way home when we were just past Primm and about 40 mins aways from home when we came to a halt and were stopped for two hours!!! Adam did some amazing maneuvering and we were able to pass a ton of cars but here is a picture to show you what we experienced!


Andrea Wiseman said...

Adam and Michelle, I just went on your blog and enjoyed it. I'll keep checking it periodically. Mom (Kathy)