Monday, January 7, 2008

Life as a Hairstlyist

Well remember how was just saying we had an awesome New Year's Eve...well it was...then Adam and I had to get up at about 7:30 on New Year's Day to drive to Disneyland so that I could perform my apparent unreplacable talents as a stylist. My client who I really do love had asked me some time back to do her hair for the renewing of her vows. I of course procrastinated and was about to tell her I wasn't going to be able to do it because we had just gotten home three days before from down there, plus we had family in town and it just wasn't going to not be worth it... then she gave me an offer I couldn't refuse so we made the trek well not really trek but drive down to California for the third time in three weeks. I'm such a sucker I just can't say no. I feel like its my responsibility or duty or whatever. I appreciated the fact that my client thought that there was no other hairstylist on the face of the earth or more specifically the Anaheim area that that would be able to perform as well as me...but come on New Year's Day?! In all actuality it really wasn't that bad and we were back home at a decent hour that night so all was not lost...just a few missed football games.